Aluminium is used for a great variety of products in the global casting industry,
especially in automotive and aerospace.
One of the most important processes in the production cycle is the remelt and recycle methods
for scrap and other returnable material.
YUATSUKI now offers a more effective, cost efficient method.
We offer a simple solution through the introduction of the RUNNERBREAKER aluminium alloy sprue crusher.

The most cost efficient method for aluminium alloy throughput, recycling and re-introduction. Combining gravity with the latest crushing technology and new blade design, we have successfully developed the simplest way to recycle aluminium alloys.

Material can be crushed to required uniform sizes reducing
* Transportation costs
* Material Capacity/Density
* Bridging
While also greatly increasing line efficiency.

*Crushing capacity may change depending on the size and geometry of material.

We are a manufacturer of casting equipment that utilizes only the latest hydraulic technology.
Implemented in 23 countries, including Japan, the RUNNERBRBREAKER has a firm grip on 90% of the Japanese market and is the number 1 ranked Jaw Crusher in the global market. Reducing the discharge of CO2 emmisions, decreasing energy and labor costs, the RUNNERBREAKER continues to be adopted by the worlds leading automotive casters and foundries.

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